Development trend of bedding industry.

1. Children’s bedding has become a blue ocean market

At present, although the leading brands of bedding industry have successively launched children’s bedding products, the development of children’s bedding products is still slightly lagging behind“ The parents of post-80s and post-90s have strong brand awareness, and have higher requirements on the style, quality and environmental protection of children’s bed products. The trend of fashion and brand of children’s bed products has gradually formed. Children’s bedding market has gradually become the blue ocean of bedding market competition.

2. Consumer preference changes from popular brand to personalized and fashionable

At present, the growth mode of domestic bedding enterprises still mainly depends on the improvement of product quality and the expansion of marketing channels, but many factors, such as quality, culture and fashion, based on the brand, play an increasingly important role in the competition.

With the continuous development of economy, people’s material living standards have been greatly improved. Consumers’ consumption of bedclothes is no longer limited to the satisfaction of basic functions such as daily life, but also requires that bedclothes should be consistent with consumers’ lifestyle and aesthetic culture. More and more requirements are put forward for bedclothes design, fabric and even ecological and health functions, The era of brand consumption characterized by product style and product function has come.

In the future, the competition among bedding enterprises will be brand competition based on differentiation. Only from the perspective of consumers and enriching the product structure, can enterprises better shape their brands, enhance their brand value and give full play to their market influence.

In the future, the competition between bedding enterprises is the competition of consumers. The post-90s, post-95s and even post-00s will be the object of brand competition based on differentiation. In the future, only from the perspective of consumers, enrich the product structure and constantly integrate fashion elements, can enterprises better shape their brands, enhance their brand value and give full play to their market influence.

3. Product function diversification

With the improvement of people’s living standards in China, the consumption concept of consumers is gradually changing, and the importance of product functionality is increasing. The requirements for bedding are no longer limited to the original basic characteristics such as warmth and comfort. According to the different uses of bedding, people also hope that it has special functions such as health care and protection, such as softness, air permeability, perspiration, antibacterial, anti mite, anti ultraviolet, anti-virus, flame retardant, anti radiation, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy, moisture absorption, oil and water resistance, etc. the bedding fabric also gradually adopts new fabrics such as bamboo fiber. In the future, the high-tech content and high added value of functional bedding will become a new economic growth point of bedding industry in China.

Post time: Jun-30-2021