Teach you to identify the fabric to distinguish the quality of bedding

One third of our life is spent in bed. It’s very important to have close contact with bedclothes and choose suitable and healthy bedclothes. So what kind of quilts and pillows should I buy? How to maintain bedding? When purchasing such products, we should pay more attention to the fabric.

Fabric determines bed comfort

Bedding is generally made of pure cotton, polyester cotton, yarn dyed pure cotton and so on. All kinds of fabrics have their own characteristics and different prices. The following is how to identify bedding fabrics and introduce the relevant identification methods:

1. Pure cotton is very soft

Pure cotton has good handle, comfortable use, easy dyeing, rich pattern change, soft and warm, strong hygroscopicity, washability, less static electricity, so it is widely used in bedding materials.

However, easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, it is not suitable to handle for a long time under the high temperature above 100 ℃.

Therefore, it is better to spray wet when ironing cotton products, which is easy to iron. If possible, the effect will be better if the product is ironed with steam iron after each use.

2. Yarn dyed cotton is easy to shrink

Yarn dyed pure cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, which is woven with warp and weft yarns of different colors.

Due to dyeing before weaving, the dye penetration is strong, the color fastness is good, and the three-dimensional sense of the heterochromatic fabric is strong, the style is unique, and the bedclothes are mostly in the pattern of stripes. It also has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually the shrinkage is greater.

3. Jacquard cotton is thicker

High count and high-density jacquard pure cotton fabric has high warp and weft density, rich weaving changes, so it has thick handle, good durability and high surface purity, which is one of the more advanced pure cotton fabrics.

4. The price of polyester and cotton is affordable

Polyester cotton brand products generally use 65% polyester, 35% cotton ratio of polyester cotton fabric, polyester cotton is divided into plain and twill two kinds. Plain polyester cotton fabric has thin surface, good strength and wear resistance, small shrinkage, and the appearance of the product is not easy to be out of shape, and the price is affordable, and the durability is good, but the comfort is not as good as pure cotton.

In addition, polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester cotton fabric is light and light, which is more suitable for spring and summer. Twill polyester cotton is usually higher than plain density, so it appears dense and thick, surface luster, feel better than plain.

5. Flax has moisture-proof function

Flax is a kind of durable and old natural fabric. Frequent washing makes the fabric softer and moisture-proof, which is beneficial to comfortable sleep. It is said that Elizabeth II of England sleeps on the linen sheets left by Queen Elizabeth.

6. Silk is smooth

A gorgeous, rich, natural soft light and flickering effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and moisture absorption than cotton, but easy to dirty, heat resistance to strong sunlight than cotton, its fiber cross section is a unique triangle, local moisture absorption after the reflection of light changes, easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric ironing to pad white cloth.

Post time: Jun-30-2021