The market dynamics are changing

The online shopping of goods and services is increasing day by day. E-commerce is modifying the consumer behavior toward goods and services, therefore has a lot of impact on marketing strategies and campaigns.

The online shopping process is always and unavoidably accompanied by the inducement of both, encouraging and restraining feelings for the end consumer. The process by which this purchase takes place, from the beginning and until the customer receives the product or service he asks, is accompanied by positive feelings about the advantages that it has in comparison to the traditional purchase in store. From the other side, this process encourages the consumer to feel the risk. This makes the consumer’s behavior toward online products and services to emerge as a complex phenomenon, the formation of which is the result of the simultaneous action of encouraging and restraining factors.

Studying this feeling is one of the key issues that has attracted and continues to be among the main objects of consumer behavior study. In any case, despite the way the purchase is made, the customer is always interested in maximizing profitability and satisfaction as well as minimizing losses or risks. Different researchers have identified the factors that generate benefits in online purchases, benefits that are not easily accessible in the case of purchases in the traditional way.


Post time: Aug-06-2021